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            warm congratulationsQingdao yi plastic welding equipment co., LTDSuccessful station construction!
            About Us

            About us

            Qingdao Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ld (original name Qingdao Jiaozhou Yifei Plastic Welding Equipment Plant), engages in designing and manufacturing of plastic welder, plastic welding torch, welding rod, extrusion plastic welder (portable plastic welding torch) and geomembrane welder. Products widely applied in various industries such as plastic welding, plastic chemical antisepsis, plastic container welding, plastic pipe and plastic parts welding, as well as manufacture of plating equipment. Presently, it develops and manufactures automatic plastic plate bending machine, plastic welder, plastic feeding machine and so forth, which offer high quality product with low price for plastic product processing in plating equipment industry, PCB equipment industry, environment-friendly equipment industry and chemical container industry. In addition, it compensates such features as “bad quality, slow, insecure, waste materials, leaking” during manual processing of plastic board. The products win good reputations from customers from home and aboard.



            The company was founded2008year



            Serve more than ten industries


            Many families

            More than one hundred cooperative enterprises



            More than fifty professional and technical personnel


            The case shows


            News Information



            Online message

            General Manager: Liu Peng Office: 0532-86226666

            Mobile phone: 13606302802

            Tel: 0532-86226666 86228888

            Fax: 0532-86225678

            Address: Aishan Industrial Park, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao (Wangtai Exit of Tongsan Expressway)

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